The Champ Fit Kids Inc.

Who We Are

 The Champfit Kids Inc, is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization and is a subsidiary of Champion Performance Training LLC, in Powder Springs,Ga. Our mission is to reduce youth illiteracy and failure by promoting academic, athletic and personal achievement among urban and suburban students. We work with young people that struggle to maintain adequate success in the classroom setting. We strive to create an environment that will entice a new attitude towards learning by building confidence of knowledge skills, helping them out of academic trouble and then into the gym. There, they are empowered with the knowledge and positive support needed to develop them into an athlete that strives to forge a path to success through academics and athletics. 

Strategy for Impact


Students WANT to come to Champion Performance Training. Once there, they are held to a high standard of academic accomplishment as well as an unyielding passion for greatness. This evolves into more positive and complex goals. Not just finishing high school, but going on to college with a scholarship in academics, athletics or even both. When without this opportunity, that once was not an option. They are surrounded by peers whom they respect making these choices, and they see adults whom they have come to respect supporting these choices. The path to a new line of site suddenly comes into focus.

The Champ Fit Kids is a vehicle of support and possibilities. It provides a way when there seems to be no other for superior tutoring and academic aid. It’s the most critical source to our program. Students most committed and display a need for financial support could be eligible for a corporate sponsor and mentor. The need for sponsors and mentors are essential to our success. Through them, it’s possible for many of our students to continue striving for the best life impact situation available. Corporate Sponsors provide financial assistance for our qualified students to be a participant in the program at an extremely reduced rate. Mentors offer the greatly needed support and accountability outside of our doors for the student to maintain focus and flourish, In turn producing greatness.


Why The Gym?

 These students want to become not just smarter but, bigger, stronger, and faster. They want to participate in athletics. The gym and training atmosphere facilitates positive change in attitudes. As a student attempts to set new personal, academic or athletic goal, it is critical they have an environment to support this change. The trainer helps to build up the student's morale and confidence, then something different from standard happens: “Children who have been given unlimited support, give unlimited support.” Michael J. Butler. They are now encouraging each other. Although coming from many different schools and environments, they bond and a team is formed.